Sunday, July 24, 2011

Registering for August 2012

Location: In Litchfield Park close to Litchfield Elementary and the Wigwam Resort

Open House for Students: Tuesday, August 7

First Day: Wednesday, August 8

Age Requirements: 4- 5 year-olds - Must be 4 by December 31 and potty trained

Class Size: 8-10 kids per class

Days: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday - We will follow the Litchfield School District Calendar.

Time: There are 2 sessions you can choose from:
Morning Session- 8:30-11:00
Afternoon Session-11:30-2:00

Price: $125 a month

Registration/Materials Fee: $50- one time, non-refundable fee to hold your child's spot due at time of registration and for materials for the year.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009


My lessons are very well rounded as they incorporate songs, numbers, colors, letters, reading, math concepts and cooking. I believe that preschool is the prime opportunity to develop social skills as they learn through play. I believe that children learn through hands on experiences that focus on the whole child and help the child develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. Your child’s learning this year will be about the process and not the product and they will learn in a safe, nurturing environment. There will be a sense of routine in our classroom, as I believe children thrive in this kind of environment when they know what to expect.

I will be using the AZ Preschool Core Curriculum to help plan all lessons. Here is what your child will learn throughout the year:

2012- 2013 Curriculum

(If you want a better view of this, please e-mail me! For some reason, the table graph I have it in won't transfer to this site!!)

Week - Letter - Number -Color -Theme
Aug. 7 Open House
Aug. 8,9 Intro 0 All About Me
Aug. 14-16 A 1 Red Family/Friends
Aug. 21-23 B 2 Manners/Etiquette (phone, table)
Aug. 28-30 C 3 Body/Nutrition
Sept. 4-6 D 4 Yellow Instruments/Music
Sept. 11-13 A-D Review Weather
Sept. 18-20 E 5 Johnny Appleseed/Apples
Sept. 25-27 F 6 Blue Nursery Rhymes
Oct. 2,3 G 7 5 senses
Oct. 9-11 Fall Break- No School
Oct. 16-18 H 8 Desert/Cowboys
Oct. 23-25 A-H Review Orange Fall/Autumn
Oct. 30-Nov.1 I 9 Halloween
Nov. 6-8 J 10 Fairy Tales
Nov. 13-15 K 11 Pilgrims/Indians
Nov. 20 Thanksgiving Feast
Nov. 27-29 L 12 Purple Animals/Teddy Bear Picnic
Dec. 4-6 A-L Review Gingerbread Man/House
Dec. 11-13 M 13 Christmas Around the World
Dec. 18-20 N 14 Green Christmas Around the World
Dec. 25-Jan. 3 Christmas Break
Jan. 8-10 O 15 Ocean
Jan. 15-17 P 16 White Rocks
Jan. 22-24 A-P Review Winter/Hibernation
Jan. 29-31 Q 17 Shadows/Ground Hog Day
Feb. 5-7 R 18 Pink Money/Sandwich Shoppe
Feb. 12-14 S 19 Chinese New Year/Valentine’s Day
Feb. 19-21 T Teens Space
Feb. 26-28 A-T Review Black Dinosaurs
Mar. 5-7 U 20’s Dr. Seuss / Wacky Week
Mar. 12-14 Spring Break
Mar. 19-21 V 30’s Animal Life Cycles/ Butterflies
Mar. 26-28 W 40’s Light colors Spring/Easter
Apr. 2-4 X 50’s Dentist/Dr. (get ready for kindergarten)
Apr. 9-11 A-X Review Science Experiment Week
Apr. 16-18 Y 60’s Brown Rainbows/ Color Review
Apr. 23-25 Z 70’s Community Helpers/Careers
Apr. 30-May 2 A-Z 80’s Cooking Classes
May 7-9 Vowels 90’s Gray Summer
May 14-16 Vowels 100’s Moving Up Party !!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Class Schedule Example

 8:30/11:30 Greeting Time(as students come in they go sit down at the table and practice writing letters or numbers they have learned)

8:40/11:40 Circle Time- Calendar/math concepts, Weather Puppet, letter/color of the
week, songs, poems, question of the day

9:00/12:00  Activity for the day that goes along with the theme

9:30/12:30 Center Time
- Children will rotate through different centers each day
-Dramatic Play
-Puppet Theater & Puppet making
-Literacy (including writing, library, and listening center)
-Sensory Table (scooping and measuring things like rice, water, beans,etc.)
-teacher-led activity(small group of children will sit with teacher to
work on things they need extra help with-reading, writing, etc.)

10:00/1:00 Math


10:20/1:20 Letter of the week lesson

10:40/1:40 Music/Movement/Group Game (inside or outsite)

Circle time with review of day

11:00/2:00 Time to go home

Breakdown of the day

From the moment your child gets to preschool to the moment he/she leaves, it will be packed with learning experiences. Here is what you can expect your child to be doing during the day.

Greeting time
As your child walks in the door, he/she will sit down at the table and practice something we’ve learned previously(name, letters,numbers, puzzles). Once all the children have arrived, we move to circle time.

Circle Time
During circle time, we will sing the greeting song, do the calendar where they will learn colors, numbers, patterns, letters of the day, the weather puppet and the story of the day. For example, the first day we always read Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes. It is about names and how we shouldn’t make fun of others.

Story Time and Art Project
We will do daily story times and art projects that go along with the theme. Art projects are great because they help the children with their fine motor skills where they are cutting, coloring and using their little fingers to glue things together.

Center Time
Once the children have finished their task from the project, they will go to the centers. There will always be one that they come to with me where I will be focusing on a different concept for the day(their name, a letter, number, patterns, reading). Besides that, there will be different centers they can choose to go to. They will get to choose where they will go and there will not be a time limit at that center. They will feel like they are controlling their play time, but I will have things I want them to focus on at certain centers. During the 25 minutes, they will go through as many centers as they want.

Through lots of hands on activities, the children will learn how to add and subtract, how to make patterns, how to measure, learn their shapes and much more!

Snack Time
Snack time will not only be a time where they are fueling up, but it will be a time to practice washing hands, serving each other and using manners with each other.

Letter of the Week
A new letter will be introduced and we will practice them together and on our own. We will also learn how to read these letters in words.

Music/movement/group game
I will use lots of music during the day to teach new concepts or just for fun as we dance together. During this time, we may play with the giant parachute or do obstacle courses outside.

Circle Time with Review of the Day
The last 10 minutes of the day we will sit down and review what we learned during the day and sing a song or poem together. We will discuss what we will be doing the next day. This will end our time together for the day on a positive note giving them something to look forward to.